Sounds, Lori did not want to stay in the east, do not want to continue to face James. But if the good brother De La Zen to stay, the Raptors have some big moves this summer, then, Lori will certainly consider staying in the Raptors Frederic St-denis Jerseys. If you stay in the Raptors, Lori can get a bigger contract. Although before Lori has said that the position may leave, but to know that this year's regular season after the second half, Lori affected by the injury, the playoffs, he even because of injury, there is a possibility that Lori deliberately throw These remarks, just want to lift their own worth, to leave their own way. The playoffs of the season have not yet finished Joonas Korpisalo Jerseys, the difference between the two-digit game compared to last season, only a slight decline. But compared with the previous few seasons, this season is still very high data. In contrast, compared with the 2011-12 season, the season after the playoffs only 37 games to reach double-digit match, accounting for only 44%, only seven games points difference of 20 points Markus Nutivaara Jerseys. One of the wonderful places of the season is that the suspension of the semifinals is even worse than the first round. In theory, the first round because of the difference between the strength of the two sides are relatively large, especially the strength of the first three partitions before the opponent, there is a relatively large difference between the situation is normal. But the semi-final strength of both sides closer, not prone to hanging. Can be the first round of the playoffs this season, 44 games have 24 points difference in single digits, accounting for 54.5%. Semi-finals have been played 16 games, even only one field points in the single digits Nick Foligno Jerseys, up to 15 points difference to double digits, accounting for 94%! Of which there are seven games between the two sides to reach at least 20 points difference.