Raptors also know that this year the big free agent is not easy to chase, many players are reluctant to stay long cold Toronto, in this case, based on the existing lineup, and then repair, after all, a good way. Last season, the Raptors broke into the Eastern Conference finals, this season they made a record of 51 wins, for such a team, it is not easy to tear down the reconstruction. Today, the semi-finals 16 games averaging points as high as 17.06 points in the history of the NBA this data ranked second. Semi-final scoring average record from 1974, when the semi-final points difference as high as 17.17 points William Karlsson Jerseys, ranked second in 2010, when the semi-finals averaged 15 James Wisniewski Jerseys.17 points difference. According to this rhythm down, this year's semi-final points difference record is very likely. And last season, the Warriors on a higher level Cam Atkinson Jerseys. They swept the opponent for two consecutive rounds of playoffs, this is their team history for the first time Kerby Rychel Jerseys. Green is actually their two rounds of the MVP, not only to keep the level of the stars, the three-point line also increased rapidly. He has dropped into the three-pointers in the playoffs, becoming the third playoffs in the history of the Warriors three hundred players, the first two are Curry and Thompson.