If the Raptors do not leave the Lori, the Philadelphia 76ers will certainly be actively pursuing Jeremy Morin Jerseys, the current team has the Great Emby David Savard Jerseys, have this - Simmons, this summer, they also have a high pick pick, the future limitless The Now, they are missing is like a Lori this experience and strength of the point guard to lead the team. Lori itself is Philadelphia, this summer, they are willing to give them a maximum salary contract. Perhaps under the leadership of a small steel gun, 76 people can quickly rise to challenge James in the eastern authority Sonny Milano Jerseys. The playoffs frequent hanging, first of all because of the strength and experience of the gap, such as "King of the hanging" Warriors, pioneers and jazz in front of them as lambs tiger, can only accept the ravaged reality. Even if Steve Cole was almost unsuccessful in the playoff playoffs, Kevin Durant, Matt Barnes and Livingston were absent from injury, and the Warriors still had seven games in eight games The game won the opponent double digits John Ramage Jerseys, this is the super strong team emboldened. Such as the Bucks twice defeated the Raptors, including home defeat 25 points, which is the lack of experience in the youth army. Gordon - Hayward (Jazz): 21 in 8,4 three points, free throws 6 5,25 points 5 rebounds 2 front panel 3 assists and 2 steals. Warriors Acting coach Mike - Brown is so after the comment Hayward: "He is also very strong and very strong, athletic ability super. Can score outside the arc can also turn back singles. You did not know what was what he could not do, and he proved his performance to everyone in the playoffs.