In some of the relatively close to the strength of the game Sam Gagner Jerseys, the ball is a gram of the wind has become the key to determine the trend of the game. The typical is the Spurs and the Grizzlies, the Rockets two series. With the Grizzlies series, the Spurs once fell because of the Grizzlies big lineup off the hook, the same is high to play the spurs but not prevail. But then Popovich adjusted, resorted to a small lineup dragged the Grizzlies, the Spurs to small broad promotion. And the second round of the rocket is more typical, the Spurs are characterized by slow, and the characteristics of the rocket is fast, the past four to see, who played their own characteristics, restraint of each other's strengths who can win. As a result, the two teams played against the first four points difference reached double-digit, the total score difference of 84 points. It was not important to us Oliver Bjorkstrand Jerseys, "said Curry, referring to the success of the Cavaliers in the playoffs." Before we entered the Finals, we had to get four games in a Texas team victory Andrew Bodnarchuk Jerseys. So no matter what the Cavaliers do is not important, we have to control our own processes and journeys. Into the finals is not an easy thing, let alone won the championship, and we will not consider too far. NBA playoffs continue, the Warriors on the road to beat the jazz 121-95, 4-0 big score to qualify for the Western Conference finals. Durant scored 14 points Jared Boll Jerseys, 18 rebounds and 5 assists in the 14 draws, averaging 2760 points for the individual playoff career, surpassing Ray Allen to 31st history.